This week’s podcast episode features Chapter Two of War of the Fathers. Here is an excerpt from the show:

The last rays of the day lit upon the trees of the forest and caused the leaves to glimmer. Some of which were already turning orange and yellow. Even though a majority of the leaves still held their original color, the reminder of the approaching fall wasn’t lost on Jorad Rahid as he made his way down the trail.  
He looked through the forest to the large clearing ahead. Clearing wasn’t exactly the right word since it was quadruple the size of Neberan but he couldn’t think of another way to describe it. Little grew in the open area because it was covered with paved rock.
The pavement showed little in the way of wear, despite the fact that Jorad believed it to be well over a thousand years old, maybe from even before the Severing. That wasn’t what drew his eye though; it was the tower in the center. He was certain it—people from Neberan called it Vigorock—was from before the Severing. 
At several places in the clearing, rocks had been mounded up in various formations, the largest of which was several stories high and shaped like a pyramid. These formations looked much newer.
“We need to get back,” Soret Tedenhel said, breaking into his thoughts. “It won’t be long before my dad notices I’m gone.” She was a step or two behind him and was moving carefully, trying to keep her dress from brushing up against the bushes that were crowding the path; it had been made for festivals, not for moving about the woods. He figured she was also getting cold, but didn’t want to say so. 
“Besides Vigorock gives me the creeps,” Soret said. “Wish it wasn’t so close to Neberan. I hate seeing it every day.” She fidgeted, her green dress shimmering and Jorad couldn’t help but notice her figure as she shifted, her long black hair twisting around her. She caught him looking and he returned his attention to Vigorock, a much less impressive view and perhaps less mysterious.