This week’s episode features Chapters Six and Seven of War of the Fathers. Here is an excerpt from the show:

“Ruder was right,” Jorad said, not knowing how to start. He couldn’t afford to have this conversation go badly but there also wasn’t much time before he would be leaving. He needed to convince her to leave Neberan by either coming with him or by going somewhere safe and hiding. 
“Ruder is crazy,” Soret said, her eyes bored into him but he held her gaze. She was wearing brown trousers, a green blouse, and had her hair back in a ponytail. She might have thought she looked prettier when she had dressed up for the wedding, but she was just as beautiful now. He could smell the hint of the shampoo she used this morning. 
Jorad shrugged and recounted to her the events of the last day, his certainty that the Hunwei had returned and that he was going to Zecarani to help Adar find a way to fight them. He left Rarbon out of the explanation for now. 
“I can’t believe you’re trying to convince me the Hunwei are real.” Soret shook her head while standing up. “I need to return to the store. I promised dad I’d make some deliveries. I don’t have time for this.” Soret stalked away with her back straight. He’d seen that walk before, and knew that she was furious. He would have liked to give her time to calm down but didn’t have the luxury. He chased after her.
Somebody called his name from behind as he ran, but he ignored it because Soret turned. “Is this your plan to trick me into marrying you? You’re not the first man to try something like this on me. My dad won’t give me a dowry if I pull a stunt like that. So if that’s your plan get it out of your head now.” She stood in the middle of the road. Several people were passing by on either side, but she didn’t seem to notice the strange looks she was getting.