This week’s episode features Chapter Twelve of War of the Fathers. Click here to download it or press play below. Here is an excerpt from the show:

“Bram is dead,” Thon said. That took Jorad by surprise. Who was Bram? Thon’s face contorted as he continued to speak. “Stabbed a dozen times. Take him.” He motioned to the other guards who grabbed Jorad from his chair, one of whom snatched away his sword. Jorad allowed it to happen without a fight; it would only make matters worse if he hurt the guards. Erro was probably hoping Jorad would do just that. It wouldn’t matter if it came out that somebody else was this Bram fellow’s murder if Jorad cut up half the guard when they tried to take him into custody.

“I haven’t killed anybody.” Jorad didn’t know who this Bram fellow was, but Erro’s jealousy was insane if he was trying to pin this man’s murder on Jorad. Perhaps it was Erro who had been the one that killed Bram.

Jorad saw the swing coming and tightened the muscles in his abdomen. Thon’s punch took Jorad in the stomach. Melyah! His arm was like a battering ram. Soret yelped as Jorad doubled over, gasping for breath. The guards continued to hold him though Jorad saw looks of disapproval on several of their faces. Whether it was aimed at Thon or him, he didn’t know.

Thon hit him in the head, and he saw stars. It was quickly followed by another to his gut again. Jorad struggled to breathe and felt like he was about to pass out. After several painful seconds, he was on the cusp of panicking when he managed to get some air into his lungs. He breathed again. It felt like everything else in the world was pushed away as he struggled for another breath. Nothing matter more than being able to suck in another lungful of air.