This week’s episode features Chapter Thirteen of War of the Fathers. Click here to download it or press play below. Here is an excerpt from the show:

“Melyah!” Karn drew his sword and stepped away from the dying man while Adar looked back down the alley. There weren’t any witnesses to the event and if they moved quickly they could get away. “Killed him pretty quick, didn’t you? Don’t you want to know why he was attacking you?”

Adar grunted. He hadn’t recognized it earlier, but the coat told him the dying man was from Colonipo. He searched the man’s pockets and pulled out a worn piece of paper, which he handed to Karn.

“Already knew what he wanted.”

It was unlikely the man had found them without help, Colonipo was a long way away, and Adar had been careful to cover their tracks. Neare had mentioned a poster the other night, and Adar wondered if Neare had helped the man find him or perhaps even sent for him. Adar retrieved his daggers and cleaned them on the bounty hunters jacket. Somewhere a woman screamed, but it didn’t seem to be connected to his kill as the alley was still empty and nobody had walked by on the street.

“Why you got a bounty hunter on your trail?” Karn asked.

“Caught a man doing something he shouldn’t and he didn’t survive my lesson. Grab his legs. I don’t think anybody saw me.”