This week’s episode features Interlude One of War of the Fathers. Click here to download it or press play below. Here is an excerpt from the show:

Here was Rend’s only opportunity to right this wrong. He’d never be able to find what ship his son was on or where they’d taken him, but he could ensure that any of those Hunwei ships that returned home would find their planet gone. Much the same as what they’d left to the few human survivors.

“Besides,” Rend whispered to himself. “This war isn’t over.” There had been no declaration of truce. He had a distinct feeling that the Hunwei would one day return.

“If it isn’t, why’d they leave?” Jbyte materialized as she spoke and Rend looked up from the holographic display. Her image was that of a serving girl in a tight red dress. He recognized the face but couldn’t put a name to it. An actress from before the war? The holograph bowed low, an act of respect that had been out of fashion for years.

Rend winced and wished he hadn’t. Jbyte’s sensors picked up the smallest things. She enjoyed it when she got to him. Unfortunately, if Rend ignored her, she’d do the same, and he still needed her help. For now. She was his only way of knowing what was happening with the fleet because Joner wasn’t very forthcoming and rarely answered a call.

“We’re not done until they’re all dead or they’ll haunt us forever.”