This week’s episode features Chapter Fourteen of War of the Fathers. Click here to download it or press play below. Here is an excerpt from the show:

Jorad had just reached his sword where it hung on the wall when the door opened beside him. He put his back against the wall and turned Gorew toward the door.

“Don’t come in or I’ll kill him.”

Thon walked in. “Kill him or not, it doesn’t matter, you’re a dead man.” He was followed by three men, one of whom held a coil of rope with a noose tied at the end.

Jorad pushed the dagger tighter to Gorew’s throat who in turn cried out in terror. It reminded Jorad of the first time he’d slaughtered a chicken, and he almost vomited. This wasn’t Gorew’s fault. It wasn’t even Thon’s.

The look in Thon’s eyes dared Jorad to slice Gorew’s throat. Jorad pressed the dagger and strengthened his resolve; he wished that he’d acted sooner. He shouldn’t have spent so much time letting his thoughts wander while the guards had settled down.

“Thon, don’t let him kill me! Please–”

“Shut up, Gorew!” Thon said.

Jorad was trying to decide what to do next when somebody kicked in the door. His first thought was that it was Adar coming to his aid, but he realized that something was wrong when the end of a black stick was shoved in through the doorway. An explosion filled the room, and a mist of blood, chunks of bone, and bits of brain matter appeared where Lel’s head had been.