This week’s episode features Chapter Fifteen of War of the Fathers. Click here to download it or press play below. Here is an excerpt from the show:

A man’s body fell in front of Adar, and a large armored figure loomed above him in the smoke. The Hunwei glanced down at the corpse, looked away, and brought something to his shoulder. Fire erupted from the end, illuminating the Hunwei’s armor. Adar frowned, wondering what his chance of survival was if he were to attack the Hunwei. He decided to do nothing because the Hunwei didn’t appear to have noticed them. The light from the blasts and the nearby burning buildings reflected off the Hunwei’s helmet and the rest of the armor. It was the first real look that Adar had gotten of the Hunwei. The creature towered over him, and the helmet obscured most of the head, but Adar could see there was a faceplate that allowed the Hunwei to see. The light reflected off of it, making it seem to glow and completing the Hunwei’s unearthly look.

Melyah! Adar should have dragged Jorad to Rarbon months ago, back when he started feeling uneasy. He’d been angry with Jorad for not telling him about his encounter with the Ou Qui, but Adar was actually angry with himself. He’d had a premonition that this was going to happen and he’d ignored it.

The Hunwei fired repeatedly. Each time the blast from the end of the thing he held to his shoulder lit up his armor. After several more explosions from his blaster—what else could it be?—the Hunwei moved away from them.

Similar explosions came from all around as Adar examined the dead man several feet in front of him. A hole had been burned all the way through his chest. Light from a ship passing overhead showed the ash, mixed with blood, flesh, and bone that covered the ground where the man had fallen.