This week’s episode features Chapter Seventeen of War of the Fathers.  Click here to download it or press play below. Here is an excerpt from the show:

“I’m Kinib Jemmir,” the Ou Qui said.

“I’m Adar Rahid, this is my son Jorad.”

Jorad was surprised that Adar had used their proper last name. In fact, Jorad couldn’t remember a time when he’d ever been introduced as a Rahid. He supposed it didn’t matter now since the people they’d been hiding from had found them. He wasn’t uncomfortable, but he did realize that it was going to take some time to adjust to openly being a Rahid. Had there been a flash of recognition on Kinib’s face when he heard the name Rahid?

“When was Neberan attacked?”

Jorad was taken aback. Ruder had asked the same question, but that now seemed part of another lifetime. So much had happened since then that it felt like it was years ago.

“Nearly a week ago now,” Adar said. “When was Wasat attacked?”

The Ou Qui grimaced, or at least it looked like a grimace. The mud on his face made it hard to tell. It was either that or a smile. Jorad doubted Kinib had much to smile about.

“You are well informed. Wasat was indeed attacked several weeks ago. The ships that took your people went north too?”

“Yes, all the ones we saw.”

“In the past, my people have been at war with all and it kept us strong. While we hunt the Hunwei, we can’t afford to be distracted. Please accept my gifts and promise. While we are in your lands hunting the Hunwei, we won’t harm you.”

It happened fast. One moment, there was nothing. The next, two black handled daggers quivered in the ground before their feet. Without hesitation, Adar responded in kind with one of his own daggers. He looked at Jorad until Jorad contributed one as well. Jorad missed sticking the blade into the ground, but a patch of grass kept it from skidding. He felt a little embarrassed but put the thought out of his mind.

“Please accept our offering of peace.” The Ou Qui put his hands out, both palms up.