This week’s episode features Chapter Twenty Six of War of the Fathers. Click here to download it or press play below. Here is an excerpt from the show:

Adar smiled as he faced the others. It wasn’t his normal grim smile; it was toothy and full of amusement. It was the second time in two days that Jorad had seen his father smile like that. It had to be some kind of record. For several long seconds, nobody knew what to say. Jorad couldn’t blame them. It was a good thing that Adar hadn’t described how they’d enter the Arches or else he wouldn’t have been able to convince anybody to come with him. As it was, Jorad was wondering if maybe Adar had slipped something into their food that was causing hallucinations.

Except for Soret, who was too worn out to care, most everybody else was affected. If Adar had turned the rock into a ship, she would still have been wearing that disconnected look.

Wes was the first to speak. “So, I suppose I’m the crazy one now.” He was squatting on the ground, with his back leaning against a rock. The look on his face was a mixture of awe and disbelief. He’d always held Adar in high regard, but Jorad could tell Adar had just gone up several more notches.

“What else have you been keeping from us?” Tere folded his arms, his eyes boring into Adar. His left eye was twitching, and his lips were pulled across his teeth.

“Are we going to stand out here all day?” Xarda walked towards the entrance. “There are Hunwei about.”