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New Short Story: The Hostage Negotiator

New Red Survivor Short Story

New Novel: The Good Client

Criminal defense attorney Mitch Turner is awoken in the middle of the night by a message from his nerdy law school employee, Timothy Cooper, begging Mitch for help. Uncertain about the problem from Timothy’s cryptic texts, Mitch Turner slips into his suit and heads over to visit Timothy, unable to imagine any reason why Timothy would be calling for help at such a late hour. Mitch arrives to find the police at Timothy’s apartment and learns that Timothy’s roommate was murdered.

Mitch immediately retrieves Timothy from the police before they can get him to say anything more and while in the process has a run-in with his ex-girlfriend who is now a detective. Mitch takes Timothy back to his office to debrief, but not long afterward, the police show up and arrest Timothy for the murder of his roommate.

There are no witnesses. There are no other suspects.

The police consider it an open and shut case, but the only thing that keeps Mitch from arranging a plea bargain is his belief that his client did not do it. The deeper Mitch digs, the more he learns that his client has secrets that he wants to be kept quiet at any cost, even at the expense of going to jail for something he did not do. Mitch soon learns he must work at odds with his client to provide the best legal representation possible, going around Timothy as he fights to keep his client out of jail.

If you like legal thrillers, this novel is for you. Mitch Turner is a fast-talking lawyer who takes risks where others might not. Fans of John Grisham, Michael Connelly, and Scott Turrow will enjoy this story. Pick up your copy today!

Sneak Peek:

I sent the message and tried to figure out what my next step ought to be. I had intentionally not asked for details but I needed to know what I was walking into.

The communications should be privileged, but I wasn’t going to trust to that, especially not in the heat of the moment.

If the fool had thought to encrypt his phone this might have been easier. My instruction to password protect his phone had been done more to protect me than him. If it wasn’t encrypted it was already too late.

From now on I was going to require every employee to encrypt their phone. Of course, I expected this would be the first and last time I would ever have an employee call me for criminal defense work.

“Ok. What next?” Timothy sent as a text.

“Our communications should be privileged,” I texted back, “assuming you want me to be your attorney. Are you retaining my services as your attorney?”

The message came back instantly. “Yes.”

“In a typical situation I would have you pay a retainer and sign an agreement, but we do not have time. We will go over the details later. I am assuming you are willing to pay. Correct?”

While this might have seemed a little self-serving, I just wanted to make sure that I had evidence to back me up if I needed to prove an attorney-client relationship had formed. What I had already done should have been sufficient, but I liked to be thorough.

“I will pay whatever I can. My dad can wire you the retainer.”

“Please be succinct in response to my next question. Assume the cops will read it so admit nothing.”

I waited.

“What are we dealing with here?” I sent a moment later.

It was a minute or two before Cooper replied.

“My roommate is dead on his bed. Somebody blew out his brains.”

Red Survivor is free today and tomorrow

New Short Story: East Wind

New Short Story: The Mugger

New Short Story: The Sawyer Gambit

The Red Survivor is minding its own business when the peaceful Plethki suddenly attack them.

When Captain John Marchant orders the ship to prepare to respond in kind, First Officer Nick Williams immediately challenges the captain’s plan, fearing there is more than meets the eye to this sudden attack.

As Nick struggles to persuade Marchant to wait until they know more, the Plethki ship finally answers their hail.

Instead of facing the Plethki Captain, they are looking at Sawyer, a man from Marchant’s past who has come to collect a debt and is willing to kill them all if he isn’t paid.

In the Red Survivor Mission Chronicles, this is a standalone space opera short story that focuses on the inherent tension between Marchant and Williams. Fans of space opera will enjoy this story, buy your copy today!

Sneak Peek

“Brace for impact,” Ensign Redding said, her voice high and out of breath as she held the console in front of her for support, “and one more after that.”

Marchant swore. “No response to our hail?”

“None, sir,” Redding said. “I will keep trying, it appears they want to rattle—” She broke off. “Another Plethki ship has decloaked, bringing the total to three.”

“If they were trying to get our attention,” Marchant said, “they have it! How are we coming on loading the torpedo bays?”

“Still a couple minutes out,” Redding said. “I am keeping them up to date on when to expect impact. The explosions are making it difficult to load the bays, sir.”

“Damage report?”

“Minimal. Your assessment is probably correct, sir. They just want to get our attention.”

“Captain,” I said, “none of this makes any sense. The Plethki are a peacekeeping people, why would they fire torpedoes at us. We shouldn’t return fire until we know more. What if their ships have been commandeered and their people taken hostage?”

“Get those torpedoes loaded,” Marchant yelled without looking at me.

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