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They don’t build them like they used to!


Would you believe a light bulb that is over one hundred years old is still in operation today? Check this link out.

“Everybody kills Hitler on their first trip…”

…is an unforgettable line from Wikihistory, a short story by Desmond Warzel that rocks. Below is the sentence in full, if that doesn’t make you want to read it, I don’t know what will!

Take it easy on the kid, SilverFox316; everybody kills Hitler on their first trip. I did. It always gets fixed within a few minutes, what’s the harm?

What do you do with a dead whale? Don’t do what these government officials did…

This has been around for quite sometime, but it’s always fun to revisit a classic. Famous last words:

If there is any large chunks left … we may have to do some other cleanup.


Check out this Peeta Parody Song by Studio C

I  didn’t enjoy this much the first time because I had a hard time hearing the words but laughed when I watched with subtitles on.

Baby Elephants fights off a bunch of lions!

They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

This was forwarded to me from my brother Richard, it’s a must watch:



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