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New Short Story: The Sawyer Gambit

The Red Survivor is minding its own business when the peaceful Plethki suddenly attack them.

When Captain John Marchant orders the ship to prepare to respond in kind, First Officer Nick Williams immediately challenges the captain’s plan, fearing there is more than meets the eye to this sudden attack.

As Nick struggles to persuade Marchant to wait until they know more, the Plethki ship finally answers their hail.

Instead of facing the Plethki Captain, they are looking at Sawyer, a man from Marchant’s past who has come to collect a debt and is willing to kill them all if he isn’t paid.

In the Red Survivor Mission Chronicles, this is a standalone space opera short story that focuses on the inherent tension between Marchant and Williams. Fans of space opera will enjoy this story, buy your copy today!

Sneak Peek

“Brace for impact,” Ensign Redding said, her voice high and out of breath as she held the console in front of her for support, “and one more after that.”

Marchant swore. “No response to our hail?”

“None, sir,” Redding said. “I will keep trying, it appears they want to rattle—” She broke off. “Another Plethki ship has decloaked, bringing the total to three.”

“If they were trying to get our attention,” Marchant said, “they have it! How are we coming on loading the torpedo bays?”

“Still a couple minutes out,” Redding said. “I am keeping them up to date on when to expect impact. The explosions are making it difficult to load the bays, sir.”

“Damage report?”

“Minimal. Your assessment is probably correct, sir. They just want to get our attention.”

“Captain,” I said, “none of this makes any sense. The Plethki are a peacekeeping people, why would they fire torpedoes at us. We shouldn’t return fire until we know more. What if their ships have been commandeered and their people taken hostage?”

“Get those torpedoes loaded,” Marchant yelled without looking at me.

Monsters & Mayhem #1 available now!

New Short Story: Grizzly Wolf

Just in time for Halloween:

Monster Country: Recruit

Monster Country: Recruit is available on Amazon:

New Short Story: Exit

Hank is in the prison yard when the horizon suddenly turns into a pyrotechnic display of fire and brimstone. The guards force the prisoners back inside, but not before Hank sees the prison walls crumble. He is about to escape when a guard stops him.

As he is taken back to the cellblock, all he can think about is escaping. He tries to convince the guards in vain that they need to run or they risk death and destruction from whatever is outside.

Just when Hank thinks that he has found a way out, things take a turn for the worse and he is pitted against a guard who is just a treacherous as any murderer behind bars.

The monster inside Hank calls for the guard’s blood while monsters without threaten his life and chaos reigns.

In this short story of alien invasion, mayhem, destruction, Hank must walk the line between his moral boundaries and the future, facing his own internal demons as well as enemies on all sides. Fans of action-packed science fiction alien invasion adventures will enjoy this story. Pick up your copy today!

Sneak peek

The sky lit up in flame from the corner of my eye. At first, I thought it was a flash of lightning. I turned expecting to see a coming thunderstorm but a wall of fire filled the horizon, reminding me of the alien invasion movies I’d seen as a kid, only those were not as powerful and striking as what now filled the atmosphere.

Cries came from the other inmates but I tuned them out, my eyes unable to look away. There was a singular beauty to the event, but it was also indescribable in a way that filled me with utter horror.

The prison siren went off.

I’d only ever heard it a handful of times. One time, an idiot had tried to make a break for it while we were all in the yard. The guards rushed to surround him but then watched with amusement when he came to the rolls of razor wire at the top of the chain link fence.

They had laughed.

I didn’t get to see what happened next because they rounded us up and sent us inside. The guards claimed he fell but I wasn’t so sure. At the very least it was likely they’d done something to make him lose his grip. Another time, we’d all been out in the yard when there had been a tornado alert and I’d heard the same siren.

The guards blew whistles and yelled. My fellow inmates ran for the door, but I stood transfixed.

New Short Story: Money Games

Check it out!

New Short Story: Nameless Man

I have a new Jake Ramsey short story out!

New Short Story: Red Survivor

The Red Survivor is on a critical peacekeeping mission to deliver an ambassador to negotiate the end of a war that has humanity on the brink of extinction.

When Captain John Marchant orders the ship to respond to a distress call, First Officer Nick Williams immediately challenges the captain’s order. Nick struggles to persuade Marchant that the effort is futile and they are best served by staying on course to deliver the ambassador.

Ships explode, tempers flare, and their vessel is put in danger as the two square off.

In the Red Survivor universe, this is a standalone space opera short story that focuses on the inherent tension between Marchant and Williams. Buy your copy today!

Sneak Peek

“Starships can’t slow from above the speed of light in the time you’re demanding.” I kept my voice even and calm, though I was explaining something any first-year cadet would have known. “Is it possible, sir, that you’re letting your feelings get in the way of your impeccable judgment?”

He usually responded well to flattery, but it only served to further agitate him. He moved to take a swing. I stepped back and brought up my arms to protect myself.

The blow never landed.

His fist stopped midair.

“You’re relieved of duty, Commander,” Marchant said, his voice bristling with emotion like a hot blade thrust into a cold bath.

Blood Games – Episode 24

This week’s episode features a chapter from Blood Games, Jake Ramsey Book #3, the first book Black Brick is available as a free ebook from most ebook vendors. Here is an excerpt from the show: 

I ALMOST DROVE RIGHT past the mall and kept going. It would have been better for Kris if I did. She was way too involved as it was. But I thought of the kids, and that was what kept me going forward. 

I needed additional resources if I was going to track them down. Besides, I needed to ditch the car anyway because the drone had recorded everything that had happened and was following me. I’d turned my driver’s side mirror up to spot it but so far hadn’t had any luck.

I drove around the mall one time before I pulled into a parking garage. I’d never forgive myself if something happened to Kris. But I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t rescue the children. It was simple math, two lives against one.

My burner phone beeped as I pulled into the underground parking. Once I had parked, I saw I’d received a text from a number I didn’t recognize. It just said one word. Sorry.

I assumed it was Shannon texting me from a phone Diggon knew nothing about. Even though she’d made it obvious what she was doing, I didn’t know what to make of her apology.

The wound was too fresh. I supposed I should have been grateful she’d warned me but I wasn’t in the mood to think that way. Maybe once things had calmed down, I’d feel differently, but I was still trying to work my way out of the mess that she’d created for me.

Not bothering to respond, I left my car window unrolled and placed the keys on the dashboard. With a little luck, somebody would swipe the vehicle and throw DataRader off my scent for a few hours.

Blood Games – Episode 22

This week’s episode features a chapter from Blood Games, Jake Ramsey Book #3, the first book Black Brick is available as a free ebook from most ebook vendors. Here is an excerpt from the show: 

IT WASN’T UNTIL AFTER I’d walked several blocks that I realized I’d never done anything about the wound on my arm. I hadn’t even thought about the possibility I might have left blood in the Suburban.

Cursing, I punched the brick wall of a store I was passing, which of course made things worse. After examining my hand, I determined I was lucky to not have broken any fingers. Several of my knuckles were bleeding, but that was a small price to pay for such a loss of control.

I was on edge and I knew it.

I wasn’t prone to such outbursts, but this was the second time in just a few minutes. Perhaps it was a good thing I hadn’t returned to Reed’s place, who knows what other mistakes I might have made? The pain helped cut through the thickness I felt in my mind.

Maybe I had at least slowed down the police by wiping away my fingerprints, but the possibility of leaving behind DNA was a serious oversight.

Growling to myself I put it from my mind as I ducked into a McDonald’s bathroom. My makeup was almost gone, so I washed off what little was left and went into a stall so I could work on my new disguise without interruption.

My smartphone rang. It was Kris, but I didn’t answer. Perhaps I would never take a call from her again. That would be for the best. She and Maxine might think they have things together, but when Maxine had split from her former partner, any degree of operational competence had gone with him.

It would be reckless for me to allow them to be part of this. Without me pushing they would remain on the outside of the action. And that was where they belonged.

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